Cameron Lists is a sister company to William J. McCarthy & Associates, Inc., a direct marketing fundraising agency and advertising consultants that have helped raise awareness and funds for non-profit and political causes since 1992.

Why Cameron Lists?

Each month our high performing opt-in emails reach hundreds of thousands of Americans who are affluent, educated, patriotic, well-informed and action oriented. In addition, our email list rental rates are extremely attractive making it a viable solution for advertisers, publishers and agencies alike. Cameron Lists focuses on Gen X and Baby Boomer consumers on the web that have a demonstrated interest in pro-liberty. These two segments are an influential demographic with high income and spending. Ad units include exclusive (dedicated) emails as well as e-newsletter sponsorships (300x250). Readers are not only interested in political viewpoints but also look for opportunities in health and finance/investing. In addition, readers also have disposable income and the ability to donate generously to charities, fundraisers and political causes.

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